TSB Foundry is family owned and operated green sand foundry and has been in business in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1996. Our dedicated workforce averages more than 14 years of foundry experience. The company founder, Mr. Sok Tann, has over 30 years experience.

Our company pours numerous non-ferrous metals including aluminum, brass and bronze. Certified chemical and physical properties of alloys are available. Our typical casting weights range from a few ounces to 0ne thousand pounds. We can provide quick delivery on most casting orders, even those requiring cores. We are capable of producing castings using many flask sizes for both squeezer and floor molds. We provide the following alloys:

1. 356 aluminum alloys which can be heat treated to T6 conditions

2. 380 aluminum alloy which is typically used without heat treatment (F)

3. 713 aluminum alloy for physical strength of 356 without heat treatment

Green Sand Casting continues to be the most widely used, and cost effective, process for sand casting. Green sand is composed of washed, graded, dried, and screened/sized silica sand that is bonded with various natural clays and water. Other ingredients are used to achieve specific properties to allow molten metal to be formed in “near net shape”. The process begins with the creation of a pattern that duplicates the shape of the desired part.

Cores, created from various compositions, form the internal (and sometimes intricate) structure of hollow castings within the mold cavity. The green sand casting process and the no-bake sand casting process, facilitate the casting of complex parts. They handle vibration and stress much better than assemblies secured by fasteners. TSB Foundry green sand castings reduce weight and furnish rounded edges that are safer and more aesthetically pleasing than sharp, machined edges. The green sand casting process reduces the need for machining and ultimately improves the tolerance of the finished product.